Are you a student, a youth between 12 and 25 years old, or a faculty member?
Are you are planning to travel, or currently participating in an exchange or study program?
Are you planning to visit museums, amusement parks and other attractions within the year?
Will you use public transportation or rent a car within the year?

Your ISEC(ISE Card) can be an integral part of your education abroad experience, before, during, and after your trip. Before you depart, you can use your ISEC to search for airfare, book hotels or hostels, get your Eurail pass, and even set up your cell phone for international calls. During your stay, you will be inspired to enjoy the local culture by searching our extensive discount database for deals and ideas – not to mention, you will be saving money whether it be Euros, Dinar, Rubles, Pesos, or Yen.

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