SAP MM Training Claim

Introduction to SAP R/3 Architecture
SAP ERP and ASAP Methodology
SAP Navigation and Enterprise Structure (Configuration)
Enterprise Structure and MM Vendor Master (Configuration)
Vendor, Customer & Material Master Data with Material Types(Config. & End User)
MM Master Data, Bill of Material, Purch. Info Record, Source List and Quota Arr.
Item Category and Direct Material Procurement Processes (Config. & End User)
Indirect Materials Procurement, Blanket PO and Service Procurement
Consignment, Subcontracting and Third Party Procurement and Outline Agreements
Release Contracts/Scheduling Agreement, Stock Transfer, Intercompany Purchases
Inter-company Purchases and Inventory Management Processes
Invoice Verification, Plans, Subsequent Debit/Credit, Credit Memos/Reversals etc
Inventory Valuation, Key Configuration in SAP MM & MaterialClassification
Batch Management, MRP, PO Release Strategy (Configuration and End User)
SAP Data Migration

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